Goal Setting Vs Productivity

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Hi Business Wizard,

With this past Wednesday being a holiday in the US, last week I was "mostly off".

I say mostly off because I still averaged about 3.5 hours of work a day last week. But most of that time was spent being REALLY productive on old projects!

You see, most of what I was working on were projects from 2017 that I have gotten to about 75-80% but never completed.  They have been on my "I really want to..." list but they lost priority over time.

But last month, as part of my mid-year planning and goal setting process, I determined that the best use of my "focus time" for THIS MONTH would be to tackle some of these mostly-done projects.

Now, if you aren't a member of The Dueling Club you may not know this... But at Spellbinding Business School, we see Goal Setting and Productivity as 2-parts of a bigger process that leads to business success.

For us, Goal Setting is really more like creating an outcome-to-action plan that once actioned leads to Productivity (and momentum).

We start by determining the desired outcome.  This is ALWAYS something that can ACTUALLY be achieved as we are always looking to create a series of WINS.

Then we decide how we want to track our progress.  Specifically, we set milestones that signal we are on track and celebrate where we are along the path.

Lastly, we create the action list.  Specifically, I recommend you create a LONG task list of BITE-SIZED tasks.  (Note: you CAN delegate these tasks, just be clear on who is accountable for completion.)

With yearly planning, this action list tends to be projects that I think will take 10-15 hrs to complete.  These then become the "Focus Projects" (the outcome) for the month where each milestone is set at 4-5 hours of "focus time" per week. With 3-5 action steps per day that generally are completed in 3-10 minutes each.

Once you have a plan... I mean an actual WRITTEN plan... you've just cleared a LOT of brain capacity.

And now, the fun begins because you can actually BE productive!

You see, productivity is really the measure of our output compared to our input.  And in this case, the input is your action list.

It now becomes simple to get things done because all you need to do is schedule the time and focus on completing the things on your list. One thing at a time.

The more things you can cross off your list, the more progress you make in your business.  The more progress you make in your business, the more productive you feel.  The more productive you feel, the more confident you are in what you do. The more confident you are in what you do, the more sales you make... and ultimately... the more money you make allows you to have a greater impact on the world.

Because of the compounding POSITIVE effect of getting things done, I actually schedule the first 30-60 minutes at my desk (before checking email or Facebook) as the action time for MY business.

Once I'm WINNING THE DAY, everything else is a bonus.

Can you see how this could shift YOUR business?

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Have A Magical Week!
Jen Levitz
Business Wizard & Coach
Head Mistress SpellbindingBusinessSchool.com

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