Move Forward… Measure Backward

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When you track your data, you’re able to make business decisions that move your business forward.

Hey Wizard,

It's official... we've hit the mid-way point of the calendar year.

As you may have guessed from last week's owl (email) about how I set myself up for failure with outrageous goals... I've been engaged in my "usual" mid-year planning process.

Truth be told, I do SOME planning at every quarter, but between 2 & 3 and 4 & 1 is where I go deeper. Being a numbers geek, I'm always tracking different data points, but it's at these times of the year, that I block out time to ANALYSE the data.

You see, data lets know how things actually went and when you line that up against what you expected, you can measure that outcome. You can quantify your use of resources and determine your Return-On-Investment.

And the summer review is when I get the MOST excited to dig into the numbers because... it was in July 2002 that I started my business and (usually unconsciously, actually) tends to be a month of BIG changes.

So, what happened last July that I've been reviewing this past week??

Spellbinding Business School and this fun Harry Potter inspired business brand.

Yep, it’s been a year since this version of the business went live and the numbers don't lie... YOU like the brand as much as I do!

What the numbers also tell me, though, is that coaching newer business owners, while needed... isn't as simple to market (or as profitable) as marketing technology & automation consulting services.

80% of my income in the last 12 months was earned through technology consulting projects.

But here is the big kicker for me... Last week, when I asked my 1:1 coaching clients "Why me"... all of them said it was because of my experience with technology.

"Ok... Ok... I get it... time to course correct!"

What that course correction actually looks like, I don't know it all yet. (That's what is likely to drop in during this week while I'm "mostly" out of the office... so you'll just have to wait till next week to find out more.)

But here is what I DO know... a course correction is NOT a large shift all at once, it's a bunch of smaller shifts that happen over time.

As I move forward, you'll likely notice these shifts in my marketing messaging as I talk more about the magic leveraging technology to spread more love in the world.

So now I must ask you... When was the last time you analyzed your numbers and business data? What did YOU discover in the process?

By measuring backward, you can appreciate your business journey and create processes & procedures to avoid some of the challenges and pitfalls of the past as you move forward... putting one foot in front of the other.

Have A Magical Week!
Jen Levitz
Business Wizard & Coach
Head Mistress

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